Semarang as a city and district and at the same time the capital city for the province of Central Java is aggressively boosting the tourism sector, currently tourism or pikink has become part of the lifestyle and basic needs for the provisions of companies or agencies, where as we already know today every company provides every facility semester or every year by holding a tour at the company expense.

Indeed, indirectly doing picnic trips or tours with colleagues will improve company performance and solidity between employees and government agencies, this is what makes productivity better and co-worker relationships are closely knit, like in Semarang itself the demand for travel continues to increase over the years

For this reason, a tourist bus service in Semarang is needed that can accommodate everything, now in Semarang, there are all kinds of buses available, from Isuzu Elf Short, with a capacity of 10-15 seats, long elf 15-21 seats and Toyota Hiace 16 seats rental. medium bus 3/4 30 seats and big tourist bus 55 seats

There are many things you can do with group members by using bus rental services in Semarang, the vehicles here are very helpful for travel, such as for tours, city tours, airport shuttle, pilgrimage, celebration, pickup, drop off inside and outside the city and many more as needed

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