Tourism Bus Rental in Semarang

Semarang Bus Rental By Sanjaya Tour

Semarang as a city and district and at the same time the capital city for the province of Central Java is aggressively boosting the tourism sector, currently tourism or pikink has become part of the lifestyle and basic needs for the provisions of companies or agencies, where as we already know today every company provides every facility semester or every year by holding a tour at the company expense.

Indeed, indirectly doing picnic trips or tours with colleagues will improve company performance and solidity between employees and government agencies, this is what makes productivity better and co-worker relationships are closely knit, like in Semarang itself the demand for travel continues to increase over the years

For this reason, a tourist bus service in Semarang is needed that can accommodate everything, now in Semarang, there are all kinds of buses available, from Isuzu Elf Short, with a capacity of 10-15 seats, long elf 15-21 seats and Toyota Hiace 16 seats rental. medium bus 3/4 30 seats and big tourist bus 55 seats

There are many things you can do with group members by using bus rental services in Semarang, the vehicles here are very helpful for travel, such as for tours, city tours, airport shuttle, pilgrimage, celebration, pickup, drop off inside and outside the city and many more as needed

Semarang Bus Rental Services
for those of you who are looking for a tourist bus rental in Semarang with various types by using the latest big bus, from various car bodies for making saperti Adi Putra, like, Morodadi, Gunung Mas, Podo Joyo and so on and the output units in 2020, 2019, 2018 are very comfortable to be invited to travel together with a group or group, moreover the car’s facilities are adequate in terms of safety and comfort aspects of the passengers

There are many bus rental service providers in Semarang, Ungaran and Ambarawa, but you have to be more careful about choosing the fleet itself, this is the main requirement if you are traveling, especially outside the city, don’t let the bus experience a trolley and things happen. not wanted, surely a vacation or a trip will be unpleasant in accordance with what was expected

  1. Professional Services
    All of our services are fully oriented towards customer satisfaction. Therefore, we do everything with full totality and professionalism.
  2. User Shuttle: Inside and Outside the City
    We provide convenience with a shuttle when you need a vehicle in the Semarang area, West Semarang, Ungaran Ambarawa
  3. Complete and Latest Types of Vehicles
    We provide various types of vehicles ranging from City Car, MPV, Hatchback, SUV, Minivan, Sedan, Wedding Car, VIP, Medium Bus and Big Bus from various brands that you can use according to your needs.
  4. 24 hours Booking Service
    To make it easier for customers to meet their transportation needs whenever needed, we are always ready to serve 24 hours to receive any questions and consultations
  5. Friendly customer service
    For us customers are everything we have to treat as kings, but they are friends to us. No need to hesitate to contact Sanjaya Tour to rent a vehicle, consult or invite our driver or customer service to chat during the trip as long as it doesn’t interfere with driving concentration.
  6. Bus conditions are always prime, clean and comfortable
    All of our vehicle units are maintained and monitored closely and regularly, so that they are always in prime condition and ready to use at all times. Safety, comfort and exclusivity in appearance are top priorities in non-negotiable services.
  7. All Risk insurance vehicles
    Have a road accident that causes your car to break down? No need to worry because all of our vehicles are equipped with All Risk insurance for all risk events.
  8. Experienced and friendly driver
    We provide reliable, friendly and experienced drivers who can take you to various destinations safely and comfortably.
  9. Cheapest Rental Prices
    We offer the best service by providing the lowest competitive prices with the latest types of cars

Complete Semarang Bus Rental Vehicle Types

-Isuzu Elf Short / Short 14 Seat

-Isuzu Elf Long / 19 Seat Length

-Toyota Hiace Commuter 15 Seat

-Medium Bus HD Jetbus 2+ 29/31/33 Seat

-Medium Bus Executive Jetbus 2+ 34 seats

-Big Bus HD Setra Jetbus 2+ 47 – 59 Seat

-Big Bus HDD Jetbus 2+ / JB 3 45 – 55 Seat

-Big Bus SHD Jetbus 2+ / JB 3 45 – 55 Seat


Many Supporting Facilities

as a difference from tourism bus rental services in Semarang with others here the fleet used has several facilities to support passenger comfort during the trip so that it is not bored while driving on the bus where the trip takes days

In order to support this problem the bus itself is designed in such a way as possible, especially the interior that allows passengers to feel comfortable like in an executive room as for tourism facilities in Semarang, including

Cold Ac Ducting
Available LED TV
Free Wi-Fi
Reading lamp
Gadget / Hp Charger
Reclening Seat
Hot water dispenser.
Smooking area

With so many facilities you can get it is not wrong if you use a tour bus for your needs