Semarang as the capital of Central Java Province has very adequate facilities. Semarang has port, education, health, shopping, business district and other facilities. Semarang City is likely to continue to grow, apart from being a trading city it is also a city of tourism services. Therefore, Semarang continues to grow hotels from jasmine to star class. Including travel agencies that provide bus rental Semarang to support tourism.

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Semarang City Tourism basically has a variety of tourism products that attract tourists in tourism activities. Diversity of ethnicity, language, culture, historical heritage, traditions of community life are able to provide attractiveness in tourism activities. This fact makes Semarang City has the opportunity to market a variety of tourism products.

It’s just that there are quite a lot of tourist locations, all over the Semarang area. These tourist destinations are quite far apart, making tourists need transportation if they want to reach all existing tourist destinations. Especially if you want to travel in groups or groups, the right solution to this problem is to rent a Semarang bus that is comfortable and safe. For this reason, tries to provide a recommendation for a tourist bus rental place in Semarang.

Rent a Tourism Bus in Semarang
If you are only traveling with a small family and you have your own vehicle, maybe that is not a problem. But what if it’s a group of school students, company employees, or an organization with a large number of participants who will take the tour? Of course the right choice is to rent a Semarang bus.

Here are some reasons why you need to rent a tour bus when traveling in this Atlas city.

Cost-Effective Bus Rental

Although at first glance the bus rental price is more expensive than a mini bus or MPV car, the bus passenger capacity is more than a car, so if a group of 20 only needs one vehicle. In addition, the cost of vehicle fuel, parking, driver tips and so on will be much less than renting a car.

Moreover, in general, bus rental includes all costs, starting from the rental period, bus and taxi drivers, fuel, and shuttle passengers. It is enough to pay for the rental package once, the tour bus will take the holidays to tourist destinations. So it is cost effective.

Bus Rental Is More Comfortable

The size of a bus that is bigger than a mini bus will certainly make your tour more comfortable. Sometimes fellow tour groups joking around in the vehicle, sometimes some even go here and there for certain purposes.

Safer Bus Rental

Managing a large number of tourists is certainly not easy. Especially if they are divided into several groups for travel transportation to tourist destinations. It is possible that the arrival at a tourist destination is not simultaneous or together because of something that happened on the trip. It is different if the group becomes one in one vehicle. Especially if you plan to go to several tourist attractions in Semarang. An alternative to bus rental for tours is the right choice.

Semarang Bus Rental Prices
The following is the average Semarang bus rental price that can be used as a guide taken from several travel service agencies that provide April 2020 tour buses per day.

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