1. Good Reputation

You must be able to choose a tour bus agent that has a good reputation from all aspects, from services and fleet units, where can you get this information?

Yes, from references from friends, relatives, office friends, forums, newspapers, Google, etc. so that you can get a recommended tourist bus rental service agent and don’t make the wrong choice.

  1. Away Messages – Away Days

It is hoped that you rent a tour bus well in advance of the D-day, because it is for your own benefit and to avoid difficulties in getting a new unit.

Especially if during the long weekend – school holidays or other holidays, there must be no unit you want anymore.

  1. Available facilities

You must ask for the details of the facilities that will be available on the tour bus that you are going to rent, such as AC, LED TV, Karaoke, Wifi, Rec Sheat etc.

Use the bus or rent a bus that suits your needs both in terms of the number of seats or seats and other facilities inside to avoid cost-splitting.

  1. Rental prices and payment methods

Don’t forget to ask about the rental price at the beginning and how the down payment should be how many percent. Ask in detail not to miss communication until finally one party feels aggrieved.

  1. Detailed Information

Ask for detailed information related to other expenses outside of bus rental fees, such as crew tips, crew meals, parking, lodging for crews, toll fees, ferry boat fees, and other retribution fees. Ask whether it is included or included in the rental package or not.

  1. Communication with Drivers

Ask your bus rental agent for the Driver’s cellphone number, bus number and the brand of the bus you are going to use. This is useful for you to communicate with drivers at pick-ups and at tourist attractions.

  1. Go to the office

Send representatives of relatives, friends, employees or even yourself to check the location (office) of the bus rental, remembering that we only know and know on the internet in order to reach a WIN WIN SOLUTION agreement.

  1. Price Comparison

Avoid payment in full by transfer, because it seems wiser if you have to pay it off at the tour agent’s office and ask for strong proof of transaction in your tour bus rental agreement that has been agreed upon.

  1. Beware of Sloping Prices

Don’t be hasty in looking at cheap prices. Check and check prices elsewhere, because professional agents already know REASONABLE tourist bus rental prices.

So if you get a bus rental price that is way below the market price you have to rethink and have to BEWARE of “naughty tour agents”.

  1. Easy Terms and Conditions

If the bus rental service agent asks for the terms and conditions it is too complicated. Leave, you can look for other more professional tour bus rental agencies.

In Ranggawarsita Tour, we provide mini or small bus or microbus, medium bus, to big bus or big bus, SHD or HDD tourism.

With professional service and always prioritizing customer satisfaction, Ranggawarsita is always ready to serve those of you who want to rent a tourist bus in Semarang at an affordable price.

Many big companies such as Telkom, Unilever, BNI and others have Ranggawarsita Tour as the best bus rental agent and tour package in Semarang.

That’s why, for those of you who want to rent a tourist bus in Semarang, you can book it at Ranggawarsita Tour. Apart from serving the Semarang and surrounding areas, Ranggawarsita also provides tour buses throughout Java to Bali.

With crew and tour leaders who are professional and experienced in their respective fields, wherever your destination will be delivered to your destination. Wherever your pick-up location is in Semarang and its surroundings, it can be conditioned according to the agreement.

(WA / Phone: 08222-515-0321)

In order for you to believe even more, here are some reasons you need to know about Ranggawarsita Tour Semarang.

9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ranggawarsita Tour Semarang?

In Ranggawarsita Tour, there is no third person who will influence the price that has been set. You will get the best price, according to the bus specifications that have been selected, so you will not experience an “over price”.


With so many partners who have collaborated, it will make it easier for you to choose the bus you want to use, so you don’t need to be confused and keep comparing between other bus companies.


Ranggawarsita Tour works professionally, based on experience so far, to always offer the best solution for the needed tour buses. Therefore, Ranggawarsita Tour is always fully responsible from the start of the rental to the end of the event.


The importance of having partners in various regions and provinces is to be on the lookout for something unwanted together, for both passengers and buses. Ranggawarsita Tour has established partners in various regions so that you can be calm and comfortable on your trip.


Ranggawarsita Tour really understands the comfort and safety needed during the trip. Therefore, complete facilities are provided on the bus during the trip. And please just ask when booking the bus of your choice.


Most of the partners who have collaborated are trusted bus companies, and have years of experience in providing the newest, best, and in prime condition, of course.


Ranggawarsita Tour never provides information that only benefits one party, because our goal is a win – win solution for mutual benefit, that is a commitment to building sustainable cooperation.


The importance of a clear address because brands know you as a consumer need transaction security where your money will be safe and transactions will be smooth, not a fake address, of course.


Ranggawarsita Tour guarantees your money 120% if they renege on the agreement at the beginning, because they really understand the importance of always being committed – communicating so that there are no misunderstandings at the beginning or at the end of the agreement.

Several Options for Rental Bus Tourism in Semarang
Mini Bus Isuzu Elf Jetbus Two seats 14 to 19.
Medium Bus HD Jetbus Dua plus (2+) Seat 31 or 33.
Big Bus Setra Jetbus One Plus (1+) Seat 47 or 59
Big Bus HD Setra Jetbus Dua plus (2+) Seat 47 or 59.
Big Bus SHD Jetbus Dua plus (2+) Seat 47 or 55.

The usage or rental time of the bus on the same day is a maximum of 17 hours.
The rental price includes Driver, Bus, and Solar.
Rental prices do not include Parking fees, Tolls, and Driver Tips.
An order or booking is declared official if there is already a sign or DP of at least 30% of the agreed Semarang bus rental price.

AC, TV, Karaoke, Recleaning Seat.
AC, TV, Karaoke, Recleaning Seat, Pillow, Toilet, Smooking Area (Luxury Bus).
SHD and HDD Tourism Bus Rental Prices in Semarang City

Sewa Bus Semarang

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